Thursday, March 3, 2011

pity party

you may have noticed that i am in desperate need of a vaca
as demonstrated by my last post
BUT as that probably won't happen for a while
i decided to throw myself a pity party
and i invited these ladies:

cupcake & hannah clause.
they bake me things.
like homemade pizza with mini pepperoni's
and chocolate waffle cookies.

pity parties are less pathetic
with friends, food, and fox.
muchos gracias, loves.


Mars said...

oooh fun! Pity party sounds like the bomb dot com right now

laura said...

Ooooh great idea! I must think of some fun way to procrastinate some more... :)

Amanda Kristeen said...

Okay, so you said you were in desperate need of a vaca. Vaca as in vaca(y) like vacation. But I read it just like it looked - vaca. Which means cow in spanish. Mandy needs a cOw?!?!?

That was really funny before I cleared that up for myself.

MYW said...

Jealous! I wanna eatsies!

sojourned in style said...

pity parties are the best. i like to through them for myself often accommpanied by pizza, burgers and other junkfood.