Monday, March 21, 2011


twas annual 40's night this last weekend!

we had crazy good times with these cats!

we danced. we ate. we oogled the pretty dresses and suits.

i love going every year,
honoring the veterans (like my grandpas!)
and the fallen men and women
who have served our country.
i'm so grateful for the bravery
so many show to keep our country safe.
let's not take what we have for granted!
treat our country with respect,
maintain it and care for it
and treat the people in it kindly and with respect!
we are very blessed.


laura said...

awwwwww, it looks like so much fun dressing up! and i love all your pics! your dress looks super purdeeeee :)

Mars said...

LOVE your dress!! What a fun thing to do every year! I've never heard of that.

Jenna said...

Amazing! Where was this?!?

mandyface said...

Thx ladiess!
@Jenna: twas falcon field!

Katie*Belle said...

So adorable! It looks like it was such a fun night.

Amanda Kristeen said...

I'm never in town for that, dang it! Someday!! Love it! Especially your dip and twirly dress pictures! Beautiful!

Sarah said...

What a fun time especially dressing up in 40's attire. I am so grateful for all the men and women who serve our country.. Thanks for the reminder of the great work they do.

sojourned in style said...

how adorable! this era is so infectious! so noble of you to honour them, they truly deserve it

Gertrude said...

Wowzers!! These pictures are so cute and awesome! xo