Tuesday, March 22, 2011



this post looks sandwhichy.
i somehow don't have the creds
for the top 2 pics.
if you have it let me know!
in other news
i'm really excited for a post i'm doing tomorrow
its been in the works for a bit
and i'm pretty jazzed about!
so stay tuned!
i hope you all had lovely weekends
and are combating the work week
with your well developed skills at awesomeness!


Andrea said...

Lovin that whole outfit on that model -especially the tights. Lovely

Anna of IHOD said...

That print ROCKS!! Hope you have an awesome week:)

Jihee said...

Oh, i LOVE the colors in these pictures! And the pictures of you guys in the previous post, absolutely amazing! I LOVE everything about them! Love what you all are wearing, the plans in the background.. so awesome! You all fit right in place!

sojourned in style said...

the colours are so wonderful. that outfit will someday be copied by me :)

geri e. said...

Ooo. Love all these images and now you've got me all jazzed about the little surprise for tomorrow! ;)