Thursday, April 7, 2011

flowers + design

{click pics for cred}

don't be afraid of flowers.
flowers are your friend.

I'm thinking of doing a little sprucing over here
at dash it all
does anyone know of a great blog designer I should use?
My budget is not super duper high
but I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount for good quality.


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i always love your posts that include a similar feeling within the looks! these ones are gorgeous lades. i especially adore the skirt twirl or shimmy...whichever it's awesome!

cheers on the potential spruce ups. i'm not sure as to their cost but rainy day templates is one i've seen around the blog blocks and they seem to create pretty fab stuff. best of lucks. ♥

Krystal said...

thanks for your comment! I like that you just rick rolled me kind of in your about thing on your page, haha!

Mars said...

Love me some flowers! I'm also wanting to make my blog cool buuuut don't know where to go or what to do. if you find any good info out pass the word along?? please and thank you

Mars said...

check this out haha. another blog I follow just featured this

Katie*Belle said...

Oh my, do I love that skirt!

kate said...

i've made a couple for friends here and there. (although my blog isn't a geat example because mine is boring and white, but i did make my header...?) anyway, i love doing it and i could play with it for you if you'd like. then you wouldn't have to pay anyone / if it sucks you won't hate me. win-win?

laura said...

hahahaha. flowers are indeed my friends. My husband hates florals because he thinks I look like I'm wearing drapes, but whatever. He's just unfriendly.
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights

sojourned in style said...

flowers are my dear friends :) great post, florals are so springy and cheeerful. hope the sprucing up goes well as planned