Thursday, April 7, 2011





alright guys,
try not to judge me here
...well a little bit is fine

twas blog hopping at lunch.
good times.
until i happened upon the blog of a very cute girl
who has a son that she has named one of MY names!!!!
like a name i have had reserved for one of my future babies!

tell me you have these, too.
i keep my names under lock and key
and they're not even names that normal people would probably name their babies!
so what the heck?!?!
i know i'm overreacting but...
i'm upset.
i don't know this girl but i know girls who do,
so i don't want to look like the stealer of names!
has this ever happened to anyone else?!
how do i cope??? i'm off chocolate til the weekend!! gah!

{plz note: i do have far more serious things in my life to worry about,
but that isn't stopping me from acting like a fool. apparently.}


Alexa Mae said...

I totally know what you mean. Baby naming is so controversial now, isn't it? Well at least for me, I want to have original names so when I see the around the blogosphere I have to re-think some.
You would not be a baby name stealer. If you love it, use it. It's just blogging for now but it would be your baby's name their whole entire life.

Mars said...

I say who cares. I have future baby names under lock and key also. My BEST FRIEND is pregnant with a girl and recently emailed me and our other best friend about name suggestions. Of course what was one of the names? umm yeah one of the one I want to use. So I told her, and then proceeded to tell her even if she names her baby that, and I have a girl, I'm still naming my baby that too haha! boo to that. do whatever you want-it's your kid and more than likely there's always going to be SOMEONE with the same name. somewhere.

Miss MyKelle J said...

ok... funny that you posted about baby names.


A} don't have a boy to call my own.
B} don't have a husband.
C} not having a baby until i have "B"

and as I was driving to work this morning I was worrying about my baby names being taken. and then i teared up when i realized that one of the name lists i kept, which was on my phone, is forever gone in the iPhone blackhole of nothingness. Meaning i lost like 30 of the names i loved so much i couldn't remember. HA

So anyway my point is, it must be some weird girl thing to plan their baby names.

ps. the thesis statement I danced my way to was "Though Sloan makes valid points in his argument he fails to recognize many points; such as, the unique experience life and death is to the individual, a fighting spirit can improve your quality of life and survival is in the eye of the beholder. " -- lets just say, academic writing isn't my thang.

pss. sorry the comment that has turned into a novel.

b. said...

baby naming is such a funny business! im a little scared of the day that i have to pick a name that will define someone for the rest of their life! it reminds me of a funny story my mum told me about her friend...her friend was a mental health nurse dealing with some very interesting characters, and her friend's husband was a police officer, dealing with some equally interesting characters, and they were trying to name their baby. every time one of them came up with a name they liked, the other would have a story about one of the interesting characters they stumble across in their working life which totally put them off the name!

my advice would be to wait until baby arrives, take a few days to get to know him or her and then find the name that just 'fits'.


mandyface said...

Alexa- You're totally right, no one will ever trace his name back to someone else's blog from forever ago. So wise.

Mars- Totally true, I won't have a name that nobody else on the planet has. That's an awesome perspective to keep.

Mykelle- I keep my names in my phone too and the same thing happened to me!! I lost a lot but remember my absolute favorites thank goodness! And your thesis sounds really interesting and dare i say, fun!

B- That is a hilarious story!! That would stink so much to have to keep vetoing lol

kylee said...

oh don't even worry, totally have a list of names for my future kiddos. and i'm not even married. or dating anyone. i guess you could say i plan ahead.

Andrea said...

Well, I'm pretty sure your baby is going to be the coolest one with his/her name, so basically everyone will just be calling all of those other kids "what's his face?" anyway. Isn't it cool how things just work out? haha jk, but seriously.

Andrea said...

response to your question: Changing your name isn't super difficult. Just go to the ss office in phoenix with your marriage certificate to get your new card. Then take your new card to the DMV to get a new license. And you're done! (just need to change over your credit cards and stuff)

D|i|Y EM|i| said...

My best friend in high school stole my baby's name. It was my grandmother's name, which obviously means it rightfully belonged to me... Needless to say, we are no longer friends. But, since then I have come up with some amazing new names... I think, on the optimistic side, if you don't know her it doesn't count! She'll never know, and you can pretend you don't. :) (These babes are precious!)

Elaine said...

Um, YES. I totally do. One of our friends wanted to use it and asked me and I was like H*LL no.

he calls me wifey said...

that second photo = ADORBS!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

hahaha my sons's name is Stone and when my cousin wanted to name her son Stone I was like what? We want to be original here people of course I didnt say that and I tried to be like no bid deal but it was, it so was and she gave her son Stone as a middle name. Oh well.

Write it in Lipstick