Wednesday, April 27, 2011

oh oh

These past few weeks have been kicking my butt!
I've gotten A LOT accomplished
and my bff's wedding is this Saturday!
So then life must surely become slow and dull...
one can only hope.
BTW did I tell you guys I'm Matron of Honor for this thing?
Cuz I'm married.
In my face right?

bc no Workout Wednesday AGAIN
I found this nugget from someone cool on fb:

I feel like he more than qualifies
as a substitute.

ps- if you need some more srsly grood laughs, go hizere!
pps- oh and that house in my last post is not mine :(
but every time i see it i want to buy a bunny.
or maybe just that house.


Katie said...

this kid is my hero! that girl with the hat bugs...she looks WAY more ridiculous than him!
definitely a good sub!

ktpland said...

haha that kid is ace! cheers for posting! x

Caitlin Jones said...

i must find somewhere to re-post this ASAP! brilliant i tell you, brilliant!!

Brissa said...

his hip thrusting is amazing.

mary elizabeth said...

that kid has got some skillz!

Erica Ann said...

really, the best part of that video, was the girl behind him picking her wedgie. she was staring the whole time, how could she not realize that would be on camera?! and his epic hip thrusting. you know i'm always a fan of hip thrusting!

Jenna said...

My biggest question is: Did this take place at San Tan Mall? It seems like it could have.

laura said...

hahaha! hilarious kid! but he could never replace you!
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights

fanciful no.2 said...

hilarious! thanks for sharing...

sojourned in style said...

man, that was priceless. I should gussy up the courage and try this next time. the pelvic thrusting towards the camera, was a great move. the girls in the backgrounds expressions were great.

Elle said...