Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So apparently Fossil sells more than watches!
Did you guys know about this?!

I am now officially saving up for some of this tastiness!

ps- 2 days til Dland!!

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Mrs. Biscuit said...

That scarf is adorable! I have a fossil wallet that I keep meaning to move into... Haha!

Brissa said...

oh hello sexy, striped clutch! so nice to meet you!! you're so lucky. i wish i were going to the happiest place on earth in two days. do me a favor, slap mickey on the butt, flash him a wink and tell him i say hello. don't worry, he'll remember.

Katie said...

I have the most convenient fossil make up bag that I am never giving up!!

OMG you'll be near me!!! Hopefully it won't be too crowded or hot for you guys. Make sure you go see Captain EO. Amazing Michael Jacksonness.

Bud and Leo said...

Love the tassle scarf! Have fun at Disneyland!!!!

sojourned in style said...

the scarf and bag are wonderful pieces to save up for! disneyland, I still haven't gone but I like to think you're never to old to go.

Brooke Skousen said...

i LOVE that wallet. I feel like I am always trying to save for new finds.

i also LOVE disneyland and am jealous you get to go:) have fun!

laura said...

Oh em gee!!! you're going to disneyland! that's super awesome! I wish I could come with! And yep, Fossil, man. I totally thought they would stop at handbags and watches... but they have oodles of pretty stuffz!
hearts, laura♥
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Katie*Belle said...

Oh, that clutch is fantastic! And I hope you have a great trip!