Thursday, May 19, 2011

i'm very particular about my cookies

today today.

today i went to a work convention.
so nerdy.
and surprisingly tasty.
they banged out a crazy three course meal.
i gobbled up so many fruit tarts it was muchos alarming.

then i took pics for my friends today so they could make this!

then i went to my parents to find a package waiting for me!

{don't be hatin on the phone pickchaz}

gold sparkly Toms like whoa?!?!?!
apparently they stopped making them
so i had to ebay my way into these babies.
and i'm just ever so glad i did yalls.
imma be stompin it up thru the land of disney so sick.

most of the last hour has spent in song:

{to hedwigs theme}
"toms toms tomtomtoms toms toooms tommms toms tomtomtoms toms toooommms"
"who's got toms?! i've got toms! i've got toms hey hey hey hey!"

so i guess i'm hipster now.
at least its comfortable.

aaaaaaand now for the antm finale!!

ps i love you.

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b. said...

i love my toms, but i love yours more! check out those disco feet!


Katie said...

i don't care how hipster toms are, I love them. and they are soo comfy. I can't rock the sparklies like you can though!

laura said...

I am ENVIOUS of your glitter TOMS! I don't have a Nordstrom or wherever else they sell them here (and I like to try on my shoez before I buy) so when I went to Seattle, I went to every single retailer to look for pink glitter ones. Alas, they are all GONE!!!

the blog of worldly delights

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

sparkly gold toms?! absolutely adorable! I want!

communikate. said...

disney sounds like a dream right now! enjoy it with your cute fairy dust toms!! :)

Elle said...


Raji said...

Those toms are freaking incredible
Absolutely gorgeous

Lisa Maria said...

I'm so jealous, those shoes are amazing! And will fit in with everyone's sparkly happiness at disneyland. Hope you had fun!