Thursday, May 12, 2011

north and south

here are some crazy lovely pics

of our nearest and dearest friends'

beautiful wedding day!

guh! they are so gorgeous!
chels is from the states and francois is from s. africa
they meet in s. korea
and are filled with wanderlust.

chels' sis made this amazing signpost
which details the countries they've been together
and their actual distance from the wedding
{including hong kong and bali...still working on the whole no coveting bit}
as well as features of the wedding such as the band, food, and ceremony.

chels and i made this curtain from scraps of fabric in her wedding colors.
i think it may be the craftiest/prettiest thing i've ever done. ever.
i'm in love with it.

I love being involved in weddings in any way
but it was esp sweet to be Chels' MOH
and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
...but I hope that isn't necessary...

see more here and here!


Jessi said...

What a pretty wedding!

sojourned in style said...

weddings are incredibly beautiful celebrations. the curtains look marvelous and made out of scrap pieces makes it all the more marvelous! she looks so gorgeous, and you too of course!

Anonymous said...

Wow, such a great idea with the drapes! Well done! She's so cute and I started dreaming as I read cause my man and I met in Wales and we've been all over the world together too. We've talked a lot about marriage cause he want it so bad, but I've told him we're not getting married until we've lived in one single place for a while so that I'm surrounded by friends and familie^^ We have still not lived in one place for longer than 1 month, so... But we're moving to this city called Bergen in Norway to study over the summer and as he's becoming a psychiatrist we'll be living there at least for 6 years, probably more ^^ Life is changing :)
Thanks for an inspiring post and enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

word. ;p