Saturday, May 14, 2011

princess rainbow cakes

When my sis was a lil girl
she used to play barbies
and she'd always name them things like
Lolly Cupcake Daisy
or Sunshine Pink Crystal.
Pretty cute right? But ridic, let's be honest.

So today's post is dedicated
to the ooshie gooshie
tooth ache sweet shtuff
I come across and raise my eyebrows high to the sky
and smirk my face off at
but secretly warm my cold, grinch sized heart.

First, a vid I found via my sweet cousin:

Next, a playlist from Dear Lizzy.
{the first song is one of my fave songalongs evaaa}

Then, a pic of possibly the only dog I would consider touching:

found here, check for more
cutie patootie oh rudy lewdy doodies.


holy adorable pantsy wants.
muh pompadour is the cootie tootiest pie in your eye.
right guys?

Thanks Presto for the presently present present pic.


MYW said...

Sugar sweetness overload brain melty schloooosh.

Jessi said...

my middle daughter names everything "princess sparkle" or something like that!

Jenna said...

That dog can come get in muh house now. Pleaz.

Luv the hurrr too.

k come karolina said...


xoxo from rome

Heather said...

The names your sister gave her Barbies remind me of the names Jamie Oliver gave his children (Petal Blossom Rainbow!).

Amanda said...

I love that playlist! So many of my favorites! :)