Thursday, May 26, 2011

smunch like you mean it

Pictures speak louder than words, right?

So let me show you what most of my vacation looked like:

Food, glorious food!

Dland is THE MAN when it comes

to tasty tasty food.

Required eats for a successful day with Disney:


Turkey Leg


Some form of Disnified Candy

Gibson Girl Ice Cream!!!

Hot chocolate

Frozen Lemonade

Hey, I don't make up the rules, I just report em.

And make them up.

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ps- magnum bars are also mandatory for kicking off all road trips


Lea said...

The corndogs and ice cream in California Adventure are awesome too!! Oh Disneyland, how I love you!!!

Hope your trip was magical! :D

Katie said...

Oh man Gibson girl is deeee best! But my favorite food there is the clam chowder in a bread bowl and Dole Pinapple float. OMG. I'm glad you had fun!!

Brissa said...

oh MYYYYY! the face on that darling little brunette is priceless. she looks beyond excited for her ice cream.
gah. now i want to go to disneyland and eat. mmm. so good.

silvii tron said...

The first image is me all the time! I'm a moth to a flame when it comes to pick and mix sweets and no one can stop me! I'm still that crazy eight year old inside when it comes to sweet treats (^_^)

Cam-o-Ran said...

Soooooo true! One of my fav things on our trip was introducing Camaron to all of the FOOOOOOOOOODDD! P.S. we browsed through a cookbook in California Adventure and found the recipe for the MONTE CRISTO! Holy Yummm -Monte cristo party?

Elaine said...

Hahahaha, these are awesome.

MYW said...

Your pictures are amazing.

PS You were in this state and did not tell me. Now I am sad. :(

Mars said...

cutest pictures! And I'm a little jeal you went to DLAND! so fun :)

laura said...

Oh. My. Word. I am soooo glad to hear you had a B-L-A-S-T! I giggled profusely with that first picture. I guzzle sweets too... sometimes. ok, all the time.

Lisa Maria said...

I'm so jealous! These photos are hilarious. Have fun in Dland! And don't forget to get a seat at the one bread bowl restaurant (sooo good) in time for the lights show on the water (PERFECT seats). That's my favorite tradition.

he calls me wifey said...

oh gosh, these make me happy. especially the photo of Harper!

~Andrea @