Thursday, September 29, 2011

the fantastics

A while ago I posted that
was doing free 
She is now setting up her
very own Etsy shoppe
but I was able to cash in on her
amazingness in the free era
and I recieved something worth more
than a sack of galleons:

I meant to post this ages ago
but I had big plans to order it as a print
and frame it and do a whole speeeecial post
but guess what.
The print took a long time to get here
and then I was out of town
and then I bought the wrong sized frame
and basically life laughed at my pretty posting plans.
So I said No more!
This must be documented
for it is as the hipsters call "epic."

So thank you Andrea, my love,
I am now indebted to you.
You may choose a payback method
of whatever you desire.
{but none of that!}


Andrea said...

Why not?! p.s. I'm glad mine art was to your liking. Where did you order your print from? Just wondering where people order prints from:)

Jenna said...

Aw that's so cute!

Andrea, I got mine printed at Costco. I know, I'm such a mom.