Thursday, September 8, 2011

homey g

Other new things around mi casa:

We finally got a lighting fixture for our living room!

Mr. Fox Macgyver'd that thing in there like a champ.

So magical!

I also got this cute print!

From this shoppe.

And lastly, inspired by this & this I made this!

It was quite a task I assure you but worth it.
I learned a lot about tacks, that's for sure.

Thathathathathat's all folks!


M. said...

work it with those tacks, girl.

and those green walls are sweeeeet.

erica[goodjobmomma] said...

yes! a light!! and quite the classy one too my friend. love it!

i dont think i would have had the patience for the tack art. genius. :)

Brissa said...

woooaaaaaah!! those tacks look gooooooood! that is a brilliant idea!! i love your lettering. so prittay. and your light!!! it's like a discoball!

Somer Fox said...

I think this is one of my favorite blogs by you! I heart the pin thing and the best part is its like under five dollars for push pins. So you are going to need to come over and help me do my own creation. Maybe we can do something this weekend or next... definitely before I have a baby. (life oveR).

Jenna said...

Dang, that takes some skill gurl. There would be random holes all over my wall if I tried to do that.

Love the light! DISCO!

Andrea said...

Genius!!! Serious;y, in the first pic of that magnificent wall art, I thought you had stitched that baby or something. Loves all of it

Mrs. Biscuit said...

I'm loving the thumb tack wall art! How creative!

Also, I think I need that print you bought! Seriously, how clever is that!?!

~Rental Sweet Rental~ Story of my life!!

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

MellyB said...

Ok, I'm totally in love with your house. You wouldn't happen to have time to come do mine. How's tomorrow? Saturday. Let me know.

Mars said...


Jessi said...

looks great!

Isabella Kiss said...

tacks ?! that is incredible! I was wondering how you did that and when I scrolled down I was shocked! love it!

Lisa Maria said...

You inspire me to spruce up my rental! I love that print. ANNDDD your light fixture!!! Where did you get it? It would be perfect for my friend's space.

Katherine said...

I love that poster! So cute.

❤ Katherine