Friday, September 9, 2011

puddin head



Brissa said...

i like the bee lady. is it weird that i think beekeeping would be cool? kind of... just the honey part. other than that i'd keep it a secret because then the children would call me bee lady. and i'd have no friends and probably just talk to the bees and wear dresses like that. and then i'd never get married because everyone would know me as the bee lady. then a new stranger would come to town and we'd strike up a conversation (i'd keep the bees a secret of course) and hit it off. after a few dates and the beginnings of the "courting" phase someone (that pretty/snotty girl no one like but everyone worships) tells him about my bee secret. he confronts me about it and i cover it up with a clever lie. when suddenly, a bee buzzes out of my hat because i was just out with them. he looks at me disgusted and asks me why i never told him. he hates dishonesty and decides he can no longer be with me. years later i find out he hid his webbed feet from me. which, as we all know, is a bigger deal than hiding my bee keeping hobby.
ohmygosh. i need to find a husband. my future looks so bleak.

and sorry, but she's my seester. i can't just NOT be her friend because you said so. i think i'd be eternally smitten. as for her giant smiley face...wouldn't you like to know.

laura said...

The prints are awesome, but a bit (lot bit) out of my price range! Still, one can dream, right?
♥ laura

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Red Boots said...

That first towel is all kinds of amazing! I adore!

And thank you for your sweet comment on my favourite photo on Anonymous Was A Woman. It made my day! x