Monday, October 10, 2011

getcha pink on

This weekend I went with the girls to get
our annual pink extensions at Tantrum!
The proceeds go to breast cancer research,
and as my own lovely grandma is a breast cancer survivor
the subject is very near and dear to our hearts.
Here's last year
This is our 4th year and we LOOOVE it.
I highly encourage
everyone to get involved somehow or another
in Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I also want to thank
for an awesome lunch date this weekend!!
You guys are the on cd rom.
I truly am surrounded by incredible ladies,
friends & family,
and am so grateful to learn and laugh with them.

More adventures to come!

ps- For more dogoodery, check out this awesome charity auction!


Jenna said...

That is so cool! Love your pink streaks.

I lost my Granny to breast cancer last year. It's been hard. Maybe I'll get pink extensions of my own!

Page Traveler said...

I want one! How much does one cost? And can you choose the shade of pink, like HOT pink or Baby pink?

Amy said...

Hooray for PINK!! Your extensions look super dooper cute.

I can't wait for our next lunch date! Going to be so fun!

marysia reeves said...

looks awesome and thanks for commenting on my pink hair blog today. My grand mother also had breast cancer and survived it so even better reason for pink the tradition you started!
all the best-Marysia

Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks said...

Oh I love this! You're so gorgeous girlie. xx

taryn and taylor said...

that is so great that you do that. def needs to be more research!

Jessi said...

that's a great idea

Wander.Lust said...

oooh this is such a beautiful gesture, i love it!