Monday, November 14, 2011

You sneaky mom!

The other night my sis and I were watching Jimmy Kimmel,
which we've never done before
and we came in on a interview with two little boys
who were adorable and funny
but we had no idea why they were on the program.
the very next day my friend Chelsea asked if I had seen
the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween candy videos
and as fate would have it, that's where the two boys gained their claim to fame.

Have you seen these??
Chelsea says everyone has but I never saw them on FB or blogs.

Please watch both and I promise they will make you happy 
AND want to have children....
just to prank them. least that was my reaction.

Here's the full submission of that last two boys. Hilar.

They're so obedient, even when angry!
I love how the younger one does whatever the older one does,
and the way the older one says "you were so close!"
and their supreme happy halloween skills.

The end.


Mars said...

OMGOSH those 2 boys were so stinkin' cute! "2 plus 2 is....five" hahaha!

Candace Stevenson said...

hahaha oh my gosh THIS IS SO CUTE. the last little boys are so cute, I love that they're best friends :) and how they just kind of sit there like... whaaa/?!??!

Lovely Little Rants

vintch said...

ha:) love it! that's how i would react too:) so happy to find your lovely blog!

Andrea said...


Brissa said...

hooow had you not seen this?!?!?!
i love their full submission. they are SO well mannered. i would like a pair.

Lisa Maria said...

Ever since watching this, my husband and I keep yelling at each other, "You sneaky mom!". hahaha I love this so much. Already planning future trickery for our kids.

Liv Lundelius said...

This absolutely made my day!
Somehow I haven't seen before, I am glad you posted this.
And yes, now I really do want kids!