Friday, November 11, 2011


I couldn't resist doing a couple of Christmas album reviews...
my apologies:

Oh boy oh boy oh boy
have I been enjoying this album.
Buy here!
 I recommend this album for family's with children
as a few of the songs have a dreamy, lullaby quality to them
and they'd be perfect for sugar plum inducing dreams.
My favorite track is #4!!

This album is fantastic!
Fantastic I tells ya!
He did WONDERFUL things for Blue Christmas
which I've always dislike bc of the honky tonkness,
but he gave it a sweet New Orleans jazz vibe
that plays straight to my heart.
I'm not so much a fan of his take on Santa Baby
which is just as uncomfortable as you think
since he says "Santa buddy and Santa pally" repeatedly. Urg.
BUT I really love his Frosty the Snowman (I know, what the what?)
(make sure you buy the album w/bonus tracks or you won't get this song!)
and his single Cold December Night is poifect!
Huzzah for new Christmas music!

I know there's a Biebs Christmas album floating around out there,
what do you guys think of it?
I listened to a couple of clips of it online and decided it was for me.
Too many a run for my liking, know wha I'm sayin?
Please don't torch and pitchfork my fever fans.

ps- Happy 11/11/11!
I weeeesh for a hundred million dollars! Yaaaay!


Shutterbug said...

i think it's still early for xmas music... but since you did a michael buble review, i'll forgive you! ;) his voice is so smooth and dreamy...

Jihee said...

I totally got Michael Buble's christmas album! Ah sooo good! My absolute favorite genre of music has to be Christmas music! LOVVVE!

Mars said...

I'll have to scope out #1. Sounds good. I LOVE Michael Buble's new Christmas album. Like seriously love! And plus he's cute. I listened to clips of the Biebs new Christmas album too and can't get myself to buy it.

Two Happy Hearts said...

sweeet! i'll have to check these out.
i've been wanting some new christmas tunes ;)

acommonthread said...

love that you're already getting into the christmas mood! i love christmas music, but get sick of it. so it's always good to have some new fresh options.

Alison said...

I was just thinking about getting ready for Christmas with some tunes. Thanks for the suggestions.