Friday, December 2, 2011

i'm sick of all the money i be countin when it never seems to go to me be ridin on space mountain

What a week!!
Let me just say,
its been a hard one
and I apologize to fb and tweetsland
for all my negative nancy panciness.

I just want to tell the world that I love it.
Even though it took my lunch money and gave me a wedgie this week.
Hey, its ok planet earth.
I'm sure you'll mature eventually and then we'll be the best of friends
and go back to gossiping about how ridiculous last weeks episode of what not to wear was.
Really lady? A 51 yr old in juniors?!

For all you people out there
also struggling with the ridiculousness of life
I have only this to say to you: 

Peaces homes.


Jenna said...

Hugs, Mandyface! It will get better!

Page Traveler said...

Hey! The world took my lunch money too! Stupid world... I actually had to resort to asking my parents for money this week *hides face* and almost became unable to go out to lunch tomorrow. Luckily we're okay now... as long as I don't spend too much. *sigh* *rolls eyes*

Mars said...

I heart your face. I've been negative nancy pants the past few months so I understand lol. Just keepin' it real. Ps totes saw that what not to wear! Pps stacey also said "totes adorbs" the other day on the show. Loved it!

Christi Lynn said...

oh I love this! I love when you can see bloggers are real people as well :) I hope you have an amazing day today!! filled with happiness...haha cheesy.

Amy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

You're so stinking cute. Have I said that before?

ms.composure said...

LOL!!!! def loving this post