Thursday, December 1, 2011


Another instagram favorite
is documenting how big my hair get's
everyday I don't wash it:

ps- need a dining set or a bed frame?
mi amigo is selling!


Mars said...

I totally rocked the dirty hair so put it in a bun yesterday. They have these head scarf things with metal in them so you can twist it on at American Apparel. Have you seen them/do yo own one?? Must get!!

communikate. said...

You look great with your hair pulled up! I feel like mine always looks matted to my forehead/hat hair. Yikes.

Marianne M. said...

Wow your hair must be some kind of model hair for you to be able to fix it that way, that or you are all kinds of amazing and have magic hair fixing skills
the first look kind of reminds me of an old valentino runway look with the red headband and the natural femenine make up (know which one i am talking about? google it!) so yeah i love it.
second one? ONE WORD: WOW
the vintage pin up look is amazing with pearls and big eyelashes, although it would look awful on me :(
the turban?
if you can pull this off you are superwoman