Monday, January 30, 2012


I like color.
My home is filled with it.
But this sunday I played with a new filter on Hipstamatic
& documented all the lovely little details that make up my home
in black and white.

Enjoy the tour:

Then, the best part of my home came home.

Jk. I mean this guy.


communikate. said...

i'm a huge fan of b/w. these are all rad pictures. what did we do before camera phones?

Christi Lynn said...

wow! those pictures are amazing. i love how you played with them. soooo pretty :)

bri kim said...

Can I come over? Your house is adorable!

Darci Cole - The Page Traveler said...

1. LOVE the framed HP page.

2. We TOTALLY had that exact same shower curtain for SO long.

3."Starry Night"... probably my favorite painting ever.

4. Haha, a pinata head mounted? Awesome idea.

5. LOVE the chandelier. I want one.

Now I have to come over and see your cute house. I don't care if it's under construction, I've gotta visit... soon.

Mandy said...

I was wondering how you were taking all those instagram pics all weekend. I think I hipstamatic in my life...and that unicorn pinata :) So fun meeting your Friday!

The Other Mandy
The Klury Report & Kini Style

kylee said...

i still die over that hp picture/letter of yours. love this little b&w picture gallery. especially the one of the gorgeous light fixture.

Kara said...

I spy a candle from the GROWop! :) It was so great to see your fab self the other night at the PSC Launch...definitely a new lurker of your blog (again - I have no idea what happened to my RSS feed after the AZ blogger meetup last year when I started following you for the first time!). Thanks so much for supporting us :)

Lisa Maria said...

I don't think that mounted pinata has ever looked so serious :). Seriously, though - love following you on Instagram. You take the best photos.

Amy said...

I am dying from coolness overload! I need to visit your house and get some inspiration!!

Mars said...

Awesome pictures!! I kind of wish I had a house as cool as yours. Love how much B&W changes the look of a picture!

Brissa said...

i like your hip life.

Sarah Brue said...

Love all these pictures :) So artsyyy and even somewhat mysterious - so good to meet up for a short minute on Friday! xo

write in tights said...

Eep, I love the black and whites!
HP. ;)