Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shoppe Local: Eclectic Monkey Emporium

Today's Shoppe Local features my favorite type of store-
a thrift store. Its in my blood. And I love it.

is in downtown Mesa
and is rapidly growing.
Every time I go there they
have a new portion of their store
jazzed up and more sweet merch.

These are some of my favorite finds from my last visit:

They also have clothes…a lot of which have found their way into my closet ;)

Check em out.
And invite me to go.


Jenny B said...

Now I know what I'm doing today!

Mars said...

Why did I not know about this place!!! LETS GO!!

Jenna said...

Wow, COOL! I love that lit-up Sinclair sign.

Jenna said...

And by "lit-up" I mean "with the sun shining on it a lot." Durrr.

Christi Lynn said...

k i love your pictures! every one.

Mandy said...

uh oh! Why did you have to tell me about this place!? Adding it to my list of thrift store adventures that need to happen. Yes, I really have a list of them :)

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