Monday, January 23, 2012

So easy a cavemandy could do it.

Remember how I'm on this kick
where I make things from "scratch"
(anything not cereal is my definition of scratch).

Well my chum Dani shared this glorious recipe with me
about a week or so ago & I'm not ashamed to admit
that I've made it 4 times since then
(for different people, I didn't just eat billions of cookies 
last week guys! Judgmental, much??!)

They're named….Cake Cookies!
Or Cake Cookies.

Mix 1 packet of any cake flavor of your choosing
2 eggs and 1/3 cup of veg oil.

This is not the right stirring utensil to use.
I'm not Martha Stewart alright!

And I added chocolate chips because I can.
Also, don't mind the disgusting cookie dough in my fingernail…
seriously I'm like Lewis and Clark discovering the kitchen for the first time! Go easy!

350 deg for 10 min.
They won't look like they're done
but they are. Put your trust in me.

So if your a baking bambi like myself I hope this helped.
If not…well go stuff your face with cookies anyways.


Carrie Rosalind said...

Oooh those look super yummy! I've always wondered how people made cake cookies, so I will have to try these out!

Bud and Leo said...

I love cake cookies! I made the red velvet a few weeks ago :) YUM

McKenzie King said...

all i have to say is "get in my belly".

Darci Cole - The Page Traveler said...

My fave are Funfetti cookies :-)
Cake cookies are the bomb!

Jenna said...

Ok, I have been making these for years and everyone is always like, "GIMME DA RECIPE!" And then I tell them it's mostly Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker and the look on their faces is priceless.

I like to whip up a little buttercream frosting to put in between 2, like a homemade Oreo.

Amy said...

Now I'm craving cookies. Dangit.

You're beautiful!

erica[goodjobmomma] said...

i personally only use the philsbery cake box mixes. i've found that over the years of experimenting those turn out the best for me!!

but yes the bomb, trie making them into bars. and honestly makes a pretty easy skookie. :)

Wander.Lust said...

these look delicious! i need to start baking again...