Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shoppe Local: Urban Picnic

Alright ladies & gents,
its that time again…
the time that I announce what local food
I've recently smunched in muh mouf.

I mighta blogged about this one before
but I'm not fo sho
& its worth blogging twice anyway.

Amazing space, tasty sandwiches, nom shakes and mo.

{poor blurriness job iphone, embarrassing}

This is EXACTLY the type of joint I want to see much more of round here.
Specially down by my work.
Hint hint UP.


communikate. said...

I've been seeing this one around the blogosphere. Where is located? Man, AZ really does have some great food joints.

Darci Cole - The Page Traveler said...

I loved that place... thanks for the reminder, I think I'm going to take Brandon there for a surprise date or something soon :-)

Mars said...

um Yummy. I need to get there ASAP!! Where's it at? I feel like I've seen it maybe...maybe not or I would know.