Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zagg yo!

Thank you guys SO much for helping me pick out muh new Warby Parker glasses!
Numero uno, Zagg in striped chestnut (for those who asked which ones they were) won!
I'm a happy camper!!!
(Mr. Fox went with uno as well but he hasn't gotten his in yet)


Andrea said...

Hawts!!! Are they prescription or just for cutes?

Brissa said...

probs just for cutes bcuz mandy's just for cutes.

Jessica Wray said...

I need new glasses SO bad. Cute blog!

Amy said...

And I love it!! You totally rock those specs, love.

Mars said...

cute!! I decided to be cool like you and try some. I found some I loved but new glasses aren't exactly on the list of things to purchase currently. Darn.