Monday, June 11, 2012

Fave iPhone Camera Apps

Today I shall be sharing my top 5 favorite photo apps!
As I've confessed before, I am addicted to IG.
This was always destined to be.
I have always loved documenting everything,
from trips to parties to boring days at home.
Now I have a device that let's me do this in an instant, is compact,
and makes it so crazy fun to edit the photos.

I've tried a lot of different apps and am always excited to find new ones,
but here are a few that have stuck w/me for a long time.

 This app has a great built in camera that let's you store pics in it
before you save them to your computer.
This means, if you run out of room on your phone
you can still save some in this app....
maybe you don't have this problem, I do.
I'm constantly trying to stretch my storage limit.

Another thing I like about this app is that it has a whole range of flash options
that you can apply in post editing.
So all those pics with poor lighting are suddenly usable!
And it also has a ton of lovely edits!


This is a recent find that I love for its burn and sparkle features.
It has a lot of cool edits too, but its so far the only app I've found with lot's of burns.
If you haven't burned your pics yet, do. You'll get addicted.

I use this a lot.
There's about 4 or 5 edits on here that are in high rotation for my pics.
Get it.
I love it.

 I use this app daily. I love the edits and the vintage borders.
It only has a few edits but they're the right edits, ya know what I mean?
I only wish it had a front facing camera. Le sigh.

And my number 1 favorite app is....

I am totally not ashamed about how much I use this app.
If you have adult acne, you can relate.
This app smooths and lightens pics instantly!
I'm just sad I can't use this in photoshop, so instantaneous!
Almost all my pics with people go thru this app first.
I looooooove it.

So there you have it folks!
What are some of your faves?


kylee said...

i just got a new camera app and sort of love it already. it's called VSCO CAM. worth the 99 cents i say. it's mostly editing though so if you want more than pretty edits then the 99 cents may be better spent on something else.

Brooke said...

I'm getting an iPhone next week (yahoo!) so this is such good information to know.

Also, I just found your blog, and here's the bottom line - your blog is cute, and you're cute, and I'm your newest follower. Let's be blog friends?


mary elizabeth said...

oh goodie! i love getting new photo apps!

Liv Lundelius said...

amazing! I will def try these!