Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where I'm at

I have been a terrible blogger lately.
Its true what they say:
Instagram killed the blogger star.
Not that I'm a star in ANY sense,
but it has to fit with the lyrics guys, cmon.

So I will try to put forth more effort into this tasty slice of blogna
but in the meantime I'm alive and well on Tumblr & Instagram
and even on Twitter, occasionally, for a rant or two.
So meet me there, and share your own if you got em
and I will stalk you with all my heart.


kylee said...

my camera hates instagram. i seriously use insta/my phone far more than i use my actual camera.

Jenna said...

Your beehive is so cute. Don't feel bad. I've neglected my blog too.

Lisa Maria said...

ahhh story of my life. Pinterest, too.

Amy said...

Where you're at is adorable town, girl.

I think we're friends on instagram. Can't remember. Will look into it.

Emily said...

I just love you style. All of it.

Sharstin said...

you are the cutest! loved seeing your blog! of course i am on IG train too:)

Liv Lundelius said...

I adore your yellow cardi. Yellow has somehow become my fav colour recently.