Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Feature: Shoppe Local, Grow Op

Alrighty lads and ladies
I've decided to start a new feature called
Shoppe Local.
I think the title is pretty self explanatory,
I very much enjoy exploring AZ's
finest finds and I figure I should share
so more peeps can get up in there.

First in this new series is:

This is one of the owners,
isn't he dapper?
He's the genius behind all the styling
throughout the store...
come to my house please?!

I bought one of them candles there
and it was the best decision I've ever made.

Eat your heart out anthro
They combine vintage goods with modern pieces
and make the whole thing cozy, mustic and romantic.
Go go go.

Ps- I'm on instagram
are you???
Look for shmandyface!
We'll be bfffff4eva&eva!


Ciara said...

HELlooooo, beautiful turquoise rings!

Shutterbug said...

i like these fun little quirky shops!

Katie said...

I try to shop locally as often as possible! This shop is so cute, wish it was near me!

trevor the lion hearted said...

Kenny and Josh are amazing, hard working people. Love the Grow Op! Check out Kenny's (other co-owner) project across the street, Valley of the Sunflowers, a downtown beautification project coordinating with a high school bioscience project. Awesome idea, and the sunflowers are going to look amaaaazing

Shannon said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! Your blog is great. I'll be sure to follow.


Mars said...

WHAT did I NOT know about this place? Ok FOR REAL this time, lets plan a Saturday and go explore Phoenix and find all the goods. I have no life no so I'm pretty much free all the time.

kylee said...

well i officially want to move to arizona.

bevy said...

looks like a cool place to shop!